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Диск 34

Диск 34

The Illusionist [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Альбом:  The Illusionist [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Дата релиза:  2006
Исполнитель:  Philip Glass
Лейбл:  Rykodisc
Носитель:  Audio CD

01.The Illusionist2:24
02.Do You Know Me?2:48
03.Chance Encounter3:23
04.The Locket2:54
05.The Orange Tree1:47
06.The Mirror1:27
07.Wish I Would See You Again1:26
08.The Sword0:36
09.Meeting In The Carriage1:09
11.The Secret Plot2:53
12.Sophie’s Ride To The Castle2:05
13.The Accident1:30
14.The New Theater1:39
15.Frankel Appears3:26
16.A Shout From The Crowd2:02
17.Eisenheim Disappears2:07
18.The Search3:00
19.The Missing Gem3:03
20.The Chase4:11
21.Life In The Mountains4:31

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