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Диск 23

Диск 23

No Smoking Orchestra - Time of the Gypsies

Альбом:  Time of the Gypsies
Дата релиза:  Jun 18, 2007
Исполнитель:  No Smoking Orchestra
Лейбл:  UMVD
Носитель:  Audio CD

1.Efta Purane Ikone (Seven Old Icons)2:35
2.Djilaben Promalen (Sing People Sing)3:43
3.San Francisco (San Francisco)3:21
4.O Chaveja (Oh, My Children)3:06
5.Hederlezi (St. George Day)4:54
6.Cik Cik Pogodi (Guess Guess Who Is Coming)2:09
7.Crazy About Money (Crazy About Money)4:34
8.Del Dija (Lord Gave Us)3:56
9.Kana O del Baravel (When Lord Gives)2:11
10.Evropa (Europe)4:40
11.Pharimasa Va Inzares (The Beggars)5:02
12.Perhan Sovel (Perhan Is Dreaming)3:48
13.Lorenzzo (Lorenzzo)4:42
14.Sas Jekh Len (There Was a River Once)3:01

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